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Monday, August 14, 2006

AOL is giving away a 12-month subscription for Kaspersky Antivirus even without an AOL-account!

Last week AOL released a free standalone antivirus program called Active Virus Shield with a free-of-charge 12-month subscriptions for anybody, even without an AOL-account.

Actually the product is a co-branded version of Kaspersky (KAV) 6.0 missing some proactive protection features, but you can still use on-access and on-demand scanners along with receiving everyday updates from Kaspersky.

The antivirus is available for free download via email registration and the end-user agreement text makes it clear users will have to deal with getting some advertising emails from AOL as a part of the free antivirus subscription.

Anyway, it is a great free product and the decision is up to you.

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