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Monday, August 14, 2006

Consumer Reports: 20% of American households don't use anti-virus software

According to a new report by Consumer Reports, U.S. computer users lost more than $8 billion to cyber accidents during the last 2 years. The survey found that the threat from viruses is as great as ever. And yet, 20 percent of the US households don't use anti-virus software.

"It's really a shame," comments the magazine's technology editor, Jeff Fox, "because antivirus protection is a mature technology, it's been around 15 to 20 years, and there are very good products out there."

The testers at Consumer Reports told it was too early to completely rely on software suites, one application that covers various computer threats.

"Most of the suites we tested, including a lot of the big names, were stronger in one area than another," Fox explains.

Of the 20 popular suites they tested for it's September issue, only one - ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite ($70) - did it all well.

The editors also tested stand-alone anti-virus software:
  • Bit Defender Standard ($30), the downloadable version, came in on top;
  • ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Antivirus ($30) rated excellent;
  • Kaspersky Labs Anti-Virus Personal ($50) rated "very good".

You can learn more about Consumer Reports security survey following this link.

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