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Thursday, August 10, 2006

McAfee is to present next-generation ID protection technology in the coming months

McAfee is to update its security software products in the coming months by incorporating into these its new ID protection technology previously known as ‘Falcon’.

“Falcon is our new flagship consumer product technology,” Patrick Hayati, the firm’s regional director, told. “Products based on this will initially be available for download online – more in the form of managed services than traditional products. Boxed versions will then hit the market later.”By including McAfee’s Falcon protection, the firm’s new home and home office solutions will pack in additional protection against what Hayati claims is the biggest consumer threat at present - “identify theft”.

In fact McAfee products and its Personal Firewall Plus in particular were always criticized for its weak protection against ID theft so it is very interesting if things will change after the Falcon integration.

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