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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

GRISOFT Launches Beta Program for AVG Internet Security 7.5

GRISOFT Launches Beta Program for AVG Internet Security 7.5
GRISOFT has announced the availability of a public beta version of AVG Internet Security 7.5, its new anti-malware security suite. In addition to the new security suite, public beta versions for the entire AVG 7.5 computer security portfolio are available, including new products, as well as updated versions with significant improvements.

This is the most comprehensive beta program that GRISOFT has launched for its users to test. AVG Internet Security 7.5 is a comprehensive suite of computer security tools – tools users need to protect themselves again a growing cyber and computer threats including worms, viruses, Trojans, spam and keyloggers.

The new security solution incorporates anti-spyware, easy to use personal firewall, spam filter, anti-phishing tools, as well as an updated version of AVG Anti-Virus. As with all other AVG products, AVG Internet Security offers automatic high-speed updates, and it provides complete protection while consuming low levels of system resources.

Beta versions of AVG 7.5 products are designated for compatibility testing in large number of different hardware and software configurations in Windows XP, Windows Vista Beta 2/RC1, FreeBSD, and GNU/Linux operating systems. The feedback from the users during beta will be used to fix potential bugs as well as provide for further development of AVG products.
Beta versions of AVG products are available for testing free of charge at

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