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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sunbelt Software Announces Top Ten Spyware Threats for August

Sunbelt Software, the vendor of CounterSpy anti-spyware product family, yesterday announced the top ten most prevalent spyware threats for the month of August. The results are based on the monthly scans performed by Sunbelt's award-winning antispyware product CounterSpy(TM). The Trojan.Smitfraud threat appears for the first time in the top ten lists and is a trojan that is used to download rogue security products and change the user's desktop to display false warnings that the computer is infected with spyware.

The top ten most prevalent spyware threats for the month of August are:

1. DesktopScam 2.22%

2. Trojan-Downloader.Zlob.Media-Codec 1.46%

3. Virtumonde 0.96%

4. Command Service 0.83%

5. Trojan.Smitfraud 0.80%

6. Trojan.WinlogonHook.Delf.A 0.72%

7. DollarRevenue 0.70%

8. Zango.SearchAssistant 0.68%

9. StartPage.TimesSquare 0.63%

10. SpySheriff 0.62%

The Sunbelt Software Threat Research Center specializes in the discovery and analysis of dangerous vulnerabilities (i.e., security holes, bugs, maligned features or combination of operations) that could be exploited for Internet and email attacks. The research team actively researches new spyware outbreaks, creating and testing new spyware definitions on a constant basis. For detailed spyware research information and to view the top ten spyware in real-time please visit

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