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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

UK Firms Spent £1.8bn on Internet Security

UK Firms Spent £1.8bn on Internet SecuritySpending on IT security measures by UK companies has reached "massive" £1.8bn level, according to a new report from Point Topic.

Most companies now have standard firewall and antivirus protection in place, according to the research, with larger companies also splashing out on disaster recovery and compliance monitoring to weed out security violations and further protect the business.

Companies with up to ten staff spend an average £11.30 per month per employee on security, while those with 11 to 50 staff only spend £4.50 per month per employee. Larger sites with over 50 staff spend £15.80.

"An explanation could be that they get economies of scale with the cost of security packages without having the need for consulting expertise and bespoke solutions required for the bigger sites," said Tim Johnson, chief executive at Point Topic.

The leading security suppliers quoted in the survey were Symantec, McAfee, Sophos, AVG, Microsoft and Trend Micro. Symantec and McAfee dominate at the smaller companies market, although McAfee held its market share better at the larger ones. Sophos and Trend Micro are confined to the larger sites, but with a significant share. AVG and Microsoft are represented across the range of sites.

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