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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Steganos Internet Security 2007 Released

Steganos Internet Security 2007 Released
Steganos, European leader in providing security and privacy software for consumers and SMEs, has released Steganos Internet Security 2007, the latest upgrade to its comprehensive PC security package.

The package protects users from the wide range of threats they face while using the internet including viruses, phishing attacks, hackers, spyware, diallers, rootkits, spam, pop-ups and unwanted advertising.

  • NEW: Steganos AntiVirus optimised for rapid downloads
    Steganos AntiVirus pro-actively protects PCs, scanning emails in real time and offering protection against script, macro, data and bootsector viruses. The software intercepts viruses before they reach the PC and uses a virus database that is updated every hour. Using advanced compression and incremental updates, the software now updates itself in the background with minimal impact on the user’s PC.
  • NEW: Antiphishing protection to avoid identity theft
    This release introduces antiphishing protection. Phishing is a term used to describe when criminals attempt to extract banking and e-commerce credentials by impersonating banks or retailers, usually by sending spam email purporting to come from that institution and encouraging customers to log in at a fake website. Steganos Internet Security 2007 defends users from such threats by warning before sensitive data, such as passwords, pin codes, account numbers or credit card numbers, are entered on an unsafe website. The software uses a blacklist of known phishing sites, which is regularly updated.
  • NEW: Pop-up and advertising suppression
    Also new for this release is the pop-up and advertising blocker. This blocks websites from opening unsolicited windows, which could be used to deliver viruses and trojans. Users can whitelist websites where they would like to permit pop-ups, and can screen out advertising embedded in webpages.
  • NEW: Protection from rootkits
    Steganos Internet Security 2007 offers comprehensive protection against rootkits, which can be used to hide malicious software on a PC. By continuously monitoring the memory, the software warns users about process changes and hidden software. Rootkits hit the headlines last year when music CDs were released by Sony BMG which installed unsolicited antipiracy software and used a rootkit to hide it on the user’s PC.
  • NEW: Real-time examination of internet traffic
    Steganos Internet Security 2007 examines internet traffic in real time to filter out malware before it even reaches the computer’s hard disk. Steganos Internet Security 2007 destroys spyware and malware, which could be used to record passwords as they are entered into banking and e-commerce websites and send them to criminals for use in committing identity theft or fraud.

Steganos Internet Security 2007 comes with one year of free updates, as often as hourly for the virus definition. The trial version is available now to download at

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